Jan 20, 2007

6 tips to draw CAD faster

1. First is the most important. Spend some time to set properly. It worth to think before you leap. Well pre-organized drawing will save you lots of time.
2. Try to use keyboard instead of clicking icons. For doing so, you can edit your alias files for your preference. How to do it? click here. It also let you look like a real professional.
3. Get familiar to the updates your version provided. Those updates are usually for other users feedbacks. In order to sell a new version, they have to put some cool features. Am I right?
4. Share the tips with others. We both benefit from each other.
5. Read "help" as much as you can. You will find it is the most important resource you have. And you and your company have already paid for it.
6. Enjoy it.

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